Crypto scammers deface Trump campaign website shortly before US election

Just a week before the US election, President Donald Trump’s website was briefly defaced by crypto scammers.

One of the campaign websites of the US president Donald Trump yesterday was marred briefly as from an article on 28 October on TechCrunch seen

Hackers were able to modify the website and replaced the usual campaign rhetoric and the request for donations with the well-known FBI message „This page has been seized“.

The unknown attackers claimed they had obtained „top secret information“ and asked people to vote on whether the data should be released. For a no, you should transfer amounts to two Monero wallets.

These data are said to contain evidence that discredits Trump as president and links his administration to „the origin of the coronavirus“. There is no evidence that the individuals involved actually have any such information.

The website did not contain any sensitive data, according to Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump campaign.

He confirmed the attack in a tweet

Trump recently claimed „nobody gets hacked“. Just days later, his Twitter account was hacked by a Dutch researcher who claimed he guessed the password on the fifth try and that it was „maga2020“.

The crypto world is eagerly watching the race for the US presidential election. The question is how the results could possibly affect the Bitcoin price and other tokens.